Comedy Support Act


What does Comedy Support Act do?

Comedy Support Act is a new charity based in the UK set up by professional comedians for professional comedians.

Funded by benefit shows across the UK, it aims to provide emergency funds and assistance to professional comedians who find themselves in financial hardship through serious illness or accident, as well as providing information and links to other professional and relevant organisations.

This website is still under construction so please check back regularly as we’ll be updating and expanding it regularly.  The aim is that it will become a central resource for comics to find help, advice and support on a wide range of topics with links to other organisations that may also be able to help.  The main focus being on crisis aversion, wherever possible.

Why is it needed?
Every week stand-up comics make thousands of people laugh in comedy clubs across the UK.   It’s a great way to make a living and a fun job to have but, at times, it can be a lonely one and never more so than when you’re ill.

It’s no joke being unable to work because of accident or illness and it’s hard to concentrate on getting well when you’re suffering financial hardship as a result.

No one ever thinks it will happen to them and it often comes out of the blue, but most comedians will be able tell you about someone they know in comedy who has been left unable to work for long periods of time.

That’s where Comedy Support Act UK comes in…or will come in!

This is a new venture for the comedy circuit and we want to raise funds to help comics who, through no fault of their own, are unable to work.

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