Comedy Support Act


Who do you support?
We support professional comedians, ie: comedians who make the majority of their income by performing comedy. 

What is the criteria for support?
We are currently looking at the criteria and what the fund will and will not support.   Go to the ‘Apply for Help’ section for more information.

How do I apply for financial help?
As we are a new charity and haven’t yet raised significant funds, you can’t yet apply for financial help.  Once we have enough funds to open up the application process you will be able to apply online and details will be posted and circulated at that time.  Please ensure you register for information on our contact page and we’ll keep you up to date with our fundraising progress.

How much do you need to raise before comics can apply?
To ensure that we can continue to keep supporting/helping people once we’ve made a commitment, we want to raise £50,000 before we invite applications for support.

How will the decision be made on who gets help?
The Trustees will meet on a monthly basis to consider applications and allocate funds.

Are you a Registered Charity?
We plan to register the charity with the Charity Commission and get a registered number as soon as we can.  

How can I make a donation?

You can make a donation by post and we are in the process of enabling online donations.  Please follow this link to take you to our Donate page for details on how to donate.

How do you spend my money?
We want to ensure that as much of the money raised as possible goes to those in need.  That’s why no individual involved in the management or running of Comedy Support Act UK is being paid.  They are all giving of their time and expertise free of charge.

There are of course costs involved in running a charity that cannot be avoided, such as fees to organisations who will handle online donations, credit/debit card fees, insurance and other minimal charges and fees. 

We will however always strive to keep any costs to a minimum.  That’s why, once the online donation account is up and running, we will be encouraging those making personal donations to sign up to Gift Aid which is a Government scheme and gives us 25% back on any donation made by a UK taxpayer.  This will help us cover our running costs and ensure as much of your donation as possible goes to comedians in need. 

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