Comedy Support Act

Keeping your accounts

Invoicing promoters promptly to ensure you get paid promptly is important.  Keeping details of expenses and receipts, so you don’t pay more tax than you need to, is also important.

Here’s a couple of options…



Quite a few people have told us about Invoice2go. (  It produces invoices, statements (so you know who still owes you money) and helps you keep track of expenses and log receipts*.  It also has maps and a calendar and lots of other features too.  It works across all your devices so you can keep track of everything on the go.

You can sign up for a free trial first then decide on the package that suits you best.   It’s an annual fee.

Starter package             $49  (£31 - approx)
Pro package                  $99  (£63 - approx)
Enterprise package      $149  (£95 - approx)

*NB:  You can take photographs of receipts and Invoice2go will store them.  However, please ensure you also keep hard copies of all receipts, as this is a legal requirement for tax purposes.  Just pop them into an envelope…one envelope for each month of the year makes it easier to find them if you need to as you’ll be able to get the date from the app. 


You can do it manually and raise each invoice individually.  A sample invoice can be downloaded here invoice-template-no-vat .docx

Receipts should be kept for all expenses.  Just pop them into an envelope.  Again, one envelope for each month of the year makes it easier to find them if you need to.

Logging of Receipts
You can download an Excel template to log receipts here Expenses worksheet.xlsx

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